Why Marketing

Marketing ideas for small and medium-sized businesses




Our marketing ideas are aligned with your business goals. We use insights, experience and creativity to fuel "aha" moments.


We're not playing the dependency game. Our success is empowering you to own your marketing like you own your business.


We're not shy to share our wealth of our knowledge with you if you have a thirst for it. Teaching is part of our DNA.


At the Heart of It

Mission & Vision

At the core, we are a marketing consultancy that helps small & medium sized businesses set up a sustainable, scalable, efficient and effective marketing function. We want to make sure that you plant the right seeds early on. 

We will always ask ‘why,’ not to question, but to challenge. We engage with clients who are open to exploring the different spaces of strategy and execution based on reason, research and creativity. 

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs to own their brand. By building a solid marketing base, organizations will be well-positioned to take advantage of marketing opportunities quickly, and engage marketing suppliers with confidence.

We are human and fair. The success of our business hinges on respect and diligence. We tell the truth, question the status quo and are not afraid to embrace different approaches. 


It's Personal

Meet The Founder

Senior Consultant

Elena Parial

My journey started as a freelance graphic designer working with Toronto’s top ad agencies. It was there that I explored the world of marketing, branding and communications projects. In 2009, I moved to Montreal to work for a top university and manage marketing & advertising budgets of over $500,000. 

Upon completing my MBA, I joined Manulife/Manuvie and served as a Brand Consultant. I advised internal international clients on building new brands, respecting the global brand and working with their desired agency partners to achieve successful outcomes. I worked closely with the HR, IT and Advisory and Advanced Analytics teams, while also upholding the brand at flagship corporate events.

Recently, I had the opportunity to develop branding guidelines, customer feedback strategies and a brand acquisition strategy for a niche B2B business. To improve employee engagement, I branded their annual sales meeting and enjoyed a record-breaking turn-out for the fundraising event. 

Today, I am proud to serve on the board of directors for IABC/Montreal and CPE Les P’tits Profs.

On a personal note, I enjoy travelling, taking road trips, driving and am passionate about mentorship.

Take a First Step

Let's Talk about YOU

What You Can Expect

A relaxed (but professional) 30-minute long video call. We get to know each other and our respective businesses, and discuss how we can help each other succeed.

The agenda is short and simple. Tell me about you and your business. I share with you my thoughts of where Why Marketing can help and how, along with a suggested budget. 

How do you get the most of your 30 minutes?

Be prepared.

Tell me what your business does, what it does well, and not so well. That last part is really hard to answer and does require thought – but it’s very important to identify gaps that need to be addressed. 

For example, think about your marketing efforts, sales and pricing. Where do you struggle?

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