Year: 2019

Level 2 – Annual Marketing Planning

REQUIRED TO LEVEL UP ✓ set your measurable annual marketing goals ✓ allocate an annual marketing budget (include contingency) ✓ plot your recurring and promotional campaigns on a calendar ✓ identify the channels & audiences you will focus on ✓ review your plan to finalize resource loads You know where you want to be in […]

Friday Series: Demystifying Strategy… it’s eaaaaaaaasy!

I lied. Strategy can be complex and frankly, overwhelming. What’s even harder is being strategic in order to benefit a business you own that you are passionate about. There’s a big difference between doing something you love, and building a business around something you love. This post addresses the latter scenario – which is why […]

The 4 Documents Agencies Need To Work With You

Just because you’re not the best at marketing doesn’t mean that you must hand over ownership of it. And honestly, agencies don’t necessarily want to own your marketing. They want to help your company run successful campaigns. Because they understand marketing, they may be more or less willing to do the strategic heavy lifting on […]

Is Marketing an Expense or an Investment?

My definition of marketing is simple. It’s a science and an art. It’s true that historically it was more transactional. It was less about customers and more about the product. Today, it’s all about the customer in a dynamic market. Being static is being non-existent. It’s no secret that when you’re starting a business, marketing […]

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