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Game Plan Fridays!

Fall is the time to plan your next year’s marketing strategy (everybody is doing it) – identify your goals, lay down some strategic goals and slot in some campaigns. Need help ramping everything up? Enter – Game Plan Fridays in this exclusive meeting space.

Starting on Friday, September 13, the first 6 clients who book a free 30-minute consultation on a Friday can talk to me about their business in this beautiful space in Westmount, Montreal.

Pull up a chair, savour your coffee, and tell me where you’re at with your business. Is there a better way to spend a Friday?

This work space is made possible by Les Lilas Societe, an organization ran by a couple of incredible women whose mission is to spark empathy and kindness in the world, so we can all feel more connected. How can you not support that? The storyteller in me felt right at home in their world, and I think you would do.

Are you ready to talk shop and join me on Game Plan Fridays? ‘Tis the season.

Why Marketing is a marketing consultancy who helps small & medium sized businesses set up a sustainable, scalable, efficient and effective marketing function. The primary goal is to empower entrepreneurs to own their brand. Founder Elena Parial is a Senior Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of B2B, B2C and corporate marketing experience. Being industry-fluid allows her to bring successful strategies to clients who need to look at their marketing differently.

Game Plan Fridays!
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