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Marketing ideas for small and medium-sized businesses


CRM is the LOL of Marketing

Acronyms are great – when everyone knows what they stand for. Otherwise, it sends you down the rabbit hole of a never-ending Google search. One thing is certain: Marketers love their acronyms. Some are more obvious than others, so skip through the ones you go “uh huh” to. This blog post will update with more […]

Is Marketing an Expense or an Investment?

My definition of marketing is simple. It’s a science and an art. It’s true that historically it was more transactional. It was less about customers and more about the product. Today, it’s all about the customer in a dynamic market. Being static is being non-existent. It’s no secret that when you’re starting a business, marketing […]

So… What do you do?

The most common question I get asked when speaking about consulting is really… what do you do? Graphic design? Social Media? I love this question because I can go on and on about what I enjoy doing. But it also tells me exactly what the person’s experience is, and has been, with consulting. It’s a […]

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